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It's In The Bag

Men’s accessories don’t just stop at watches and belts; there’s a bag out there to fit your style of dress and your way of life. Fashion is making great strides to give men more of a choice when it comes to wearing accessories. Currently provided with a plethora of masculine bag choices, you’ll be able to strap on a leather tote without fearing a compromise to your manhood. Now, enters the dark horse...

The Holster Bag

Koffski Holster Bag

What is a holster bag?  Think gun holster that goes around your shoulders - but designed for essentials such as your wallet, phone, keys and black book of vixens you're gonna hollah at.
Most men carry at least three items with them in their pockets.  Take note of the unsightly bulges in the pant pocket or breast pocket of a finely tailored suit or in a pair of slim fit jeans.  When worn under a nice sport, suit jacket, the shoulder holster is concealed a la 007.

When worn without a jacket or with more casual wear such as a fitted T and jeans when cruising into the sunset on your thundering iron horse or sporty crotch rocket, the holster bag itself is a unique, head turning, aesthetically appealing piece of mancessory.  Aside from the looks, its functional design means you know where everything is and you never have to rummage through your pockets.


Koffski is a brand of bag wear based out of Wiesbaden, Germany.  The materials are high grade Italian leather produced from a small tannery located in Tuscany.  The metal parts are made in Italy and Germany.

There are three models of Koffski holster bags - Koffski No.1, Koffski No. 2 and the Koffski Slim.  All three models can be worn in three different ways: with the shoulder rig, with the shoulder strap, and on the belt - which are all available separately as an accessory to the holster bag itself.  All come models come with the V-piece that attaches the bag to the accessory.

The Koffski No.1 

Koffski No. 1 is made from Rugato calfskin following a chrome and vegetable tanning process from a tannery in Tuscany.  A special finish ensures that the leather is water repellent and color fast to rubbing. This is something that you'll appreciate when wearing white business shirts. Metal parts produced in Italy are made from polished nickel and emphasizes the masculine look of the bag.

The cut edges are finely finished and bordered with the inner surfaces are covered with a premium-grade lining. The logo is lavishly stitched into the leather. The set includes the V-piece and wallet and with a No. 1 shoulder rig.

The Koffski No. 2

Produced by a expert bag-maker in Solingen, a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany the Koffski No. 2 is made with calfskin from a tannery in the small town of Santa Croce sull’Arno in the heart of Tuscany, between Florence and Pisa. The metal parts are produced in combination of Italy and Germany. A special surface treatment gives the Koffski No. 2 the matted look of oxidized silver.

The Koffski No.2 would be the Dirty Harry to the 007 of the Koffski No.1.  More rugged looking and rough around the edges.  The open cut edges and inner leather surfaces with a rough finish characterizes the Koffski No. 2. The leather is soft and quickly develops its own patina. The logo is burnt in.  The set includes the V-piece and wallet and can be worn with a No. 2 shoulder rig, No.2  shoulder strap or belt

The Koffski Slim

The latest addition to the Koffski line, the Koffski Slim is slimmer and more compact than its predecessors. Its minimalist design offers a simple leather enclosure for items smaller than 13 x 11.5 x 2.5 cm, and can accommodate a smart phone, cardholder wallet, passport and keys easily.

The Koffski Slim is made from the same vegetable-tanned Tuscan calfskin used for the Koffski No. 2 - an natural untreated material that develops its own distinctive rich leather patina with age. Featuring raw cut edges and inner leather surface, the Koffski Slim is also produced by the Soligen bag maker using an established saddlery production method. The Koffski Slim includes the V-piece and can be worn with a No.2 shoulder rig, No.2 shoulder strap or any belt.  The Koffski Slim wallet is sold separately.


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