Japrag - Redefining Urban Denim

by Support Staff

Japrag Denim - the French label created by Patrick Chemoul and designed by Japanese designer Okishani Samoki brings a fresh new look to jeans with plenty of attitude. The latest Japrag collection utilizes multi-denim patterns with a signature jean on jean look that is attention grabbing and not for the faint of heart.  Edgy and sexy is what defines the style and it appeals to the performers and avante garde of society comfortable with being in the spot light.

Japrag jeans, established since 2008, is an internationally recognized brand headquartered in Paris, France as well as Los Angeles, California. Its slim fitting cuts and bold design patterns has won the fanfare of many and the attention of all.  Japrag jeans can now be delivered directly to Canada and US here at www.chapandrogue.com.

Support Staff
Support Staff


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