(R)evolution of Japrag Denim's Designs

by Support Staff

 Japrag - JP10-104 Fundamentals - IndigoWe have witnessed the evolution of designer Okishana Samoki's work for Japrag's line of denim from 2009 to the present.  From the beginning, Samoki has established the denim-on-denim patch work design pattern as her signature.  

The initial designs incorporated the use of multiple waistbands, belt loops, patchwork pockets and embroidery.  The colors were single tone.


Japrag - JP2101 Exotic - Two Tone Indigo

Since then, we have seen Japrag designs become increasingly bold with the use of contrasting tones of dark indigo denim and even indigo and black denim, as we can see in the JP210X - Exotic and JP213X - Drake models.  The styles have fully embraced the possibilities of creating denim with styles like no other, further establishing the Japrag line as the showman of designer denim.  


Samoki's designs have brought multiple button front end enclosures that draws the attention to the crotch, looking as if part of the jean is falling with the slanted lowered waist band.  The form fitting cuts remain slim and contours to the shape of the body.  The women's line contains a small percentage of elastane to add flex to the denim to ensure comfort along with the tighter fit. 

 Japrag - JP2131 Drake - Two Tone Indigo Black

For a young brand, Japrag Jean's has created a niche and following for denim enthusiasts.  Japrag jeans are now distributed internationally from Munich and Paris to Toronto Ontario, through traditional store front outlets as well as international online retailers such as chapandrogue.com

Support Staff
Support Staff


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