Japrag Jeans - Not for Everyone

by Support Staff

 Japrag Jeans are embellished, crazy and have a lot going on.  These are some of the common adjectives used by respondents in a survey of over three hundred people in one of North America's major metropolises; Toronto Ontario Canada.  These are also the same words used by people who love the Japrag designs as well as those who hate it!  Love it or hate it for the very same reasons, one thing is clear, Japrag jeans are not for everyone.

Warning, Japrag jeans will get you noticed.  Wearing Japrag's will draw eyes upon you within 50 feet.  Whether you are walking in the mall, hitting the bar or attending a concert, you will notice the slight turn of heads and captivated gazes.  Get used to it.  Needless to say, handling this much attention requires confidence, and pulling off this look requires swagger.  It is not surprising that a disproportionate number those that responded positively to Japrag's designs in Toronto are members of the entertainment and fashion industry.  Globally, entertainers and celebrities such as hip hop artist Coolio, musician and entrepreneur Christophe Keyes and model and TV personality Corrisa Furr are fans of the Japrag brand.

It's easy to see that there are no jeans like Japrag denim.  The brand and designs appeal to those are…proudly outstanding .

Support Staff
Support Staff


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