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by Support Staff

If you are new to the Japrag brand, finding the right pairs of Japrag jeans can feel daunting.  With over 40 styles for men and 20 for women to choose from, where does one begin?  If you’ve gotten this far, it is safe to assume that Japrag’s edgy styling appeals to you. Designer Okishana Samoki incorporates the signature denim-on-denim patchwork design pattern with multiple belt loops, waist bands, pockets, rivets and embroidery on all the jeans.  Here are some tips to go about looking for your pair of Japrag’s.


1.      Shop by color:  Decide what color denim you are looking for.  There are colors for all seasons and Japrag jean’s come in indigo, dark indigo, grey, black and white.  A form fitting Tshirt with a pair of white hip hugging Japrag’s might be the order of the summer.  A two toned dark indigo pair of Japrag’s would be a great addition to the wardrobe for going out and being seen.


2.      Shop by style: There are a number of different styles each are identifiable by a numbered series and a moniker on  For example: JP210X – Exotic.  The style may come in different colors, each color being represented by a different end number in the series. For example JP2101 – Exotic Two Tone Dark Indigo, JP2102 – Exotic White, JP2103 – Exotic Black.  The matching female version of the style follows the same numbered series pattern.  For example JPW2101 – Exotic Two Tone Dark Indigo for the women’s version of the Exotic design.


3.      Try it on!  Japrag jeans are edgy and fitted.  Once you’ve made the choice on color and style, order the jeans and put them on.  Note the sizing and measurements of the style.  Japrag jeans are for the most part all slim fit, low rise and straight cut.  Shipping is free for orders over $150 at

Support Staff
Support Staff


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