Japrag Denim

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Japrag JeansThe pricing for Japrag Jeans,  can be described as modest.  Japrag jeans, designed by Okishana Samoki is currently at one of the lowest price points for designer jeans – a category that starts at the minimum of $200 USD.  This is a bargain for consumers.  The reason why the pricing was introduced at such a modest point is because the label is independent and runs with a very small team out of Los Angeles California.

The low price point was utilized as a spearhead into the competitive jeans market – a market that’s currently worth over $2.8B dollars per year in the United States alone.  With the level of detail found in each pair of Japrag jeans from the denim-on-denim design patterns to the etching of the buttons – Japrag jeans offers significant value to wearers of the brand purely from just an economics perspective. 

As the brand’s awareness continues to grow, along with its celebrity followings and the rising of commodity prices for raw materials such as cotton, it is anticipated that the pricing will closer reflect its category in designer denim in the near future.  For now, the modest price point for Japrag jeans is a huge win for the consumers at the bleeding edge of fashion.

Support Staff
Support Staff


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