The Best Shoulder Holster Bag for Travel - No It Did Not Get Me Arrested

by Dennis Mok

Remember those visions of adventure and excitement that the new year brought not too long ago? Whether it was an exotic trip to the crystal blue waters of the island of Bali, or a 131 mile (211 kms) motorcycle trip through the The Twisted Sisters in Texas (top 100 routes in America), I hope you've booked it and put it on your calendar mate.

The line's a bit long but the view from the men's room is incredible.

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Today is the tomorrow that we've worried about yesterday - Anne Brashares (Author of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants)

In other words, stop worrying and start living - peel yourself off the couch from Netflix and chill and put on your traveling pants already, or any pants for that matter.  

In my most recent travels, to the city of lost restraint and pension checks, Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to try out Koffski's new SHS Classic dual holster bag. Although I've worn Koffski holster bags for years, this will be my first time going through airport security with it on rather than having it stashed away in my carry-on.  I often get questions and comments from people about the risk of getting tackled by airport security, so I figured it's time to find out.  

Don't worry, you'll only be the fifth one I've used these gloves on today.

The holster bag was concealed under my hoodie as I inched my way up the line to the rollers and plastic bins. The luggage went on and the shoes came off, the moment of truth arrived when I cautiously took off my jacket; revealing the black leather straps around my shoulders and holster cases at my sides.

I think I over did my mascara this morning.

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I then removed the holster bag itself to put in the bin.  I looked around and was relieved that I didn't cause any kind of stir with the guards in blue.  Last thing I wanted was any sort of delay.  I went through screening and came out the other side. So there it was, in an anti-climatic sigh of relief, I learned that the Koffski SHS Classic shoulder holster bag will not get one thrown down and thoroughly probed by the TSA.

Unlike the Koffski No.2 and Koffski Slim, the SHS Classic is made of soft leather versus the more rigid and thicker cut of leather.  With a slimmer profile, it sits under the arm even more comfortably.

Obligatory bathroom selfie at MGM Grand Las Vegas for your enjoyment.

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Another difference between the SHS Classic and the other Koffski bags, is that it is designed with dual cases in mind.  I chose mine to have a wallet case that will sit under my right arm and a plus sized phone case that sits on my left.   The reason why I chose the plus sized case, in spite of having a "standard" sized phone (Samsung S6 Edge), is because I wanted the flexibility to put my passport in at the same time.  The Canadian passport measures 8.89 cm x 12.7 cm (3.5" x 5"). Will it fit your passport?  Luckily, the UN and the International Civil Aviation Organization issued standardization guidelines on the layout and features of passports, and they are largely followed.  This means the case should fit most passports around the world.

Koffski SHS Classic

I wore the Koffski SHS Classic through out my stay in Vegas while I was out and about for a good 14 hours at a time without any discomfort.  The shoulder rig was comfortable and I had the peace of mind that I had all my essentials securely tucked under my arms at all times; slim wallet, cellphone, 20 large unfolded US bills and hotel key card.  I left my passport in the hotel safe.

I have worn the holster bag under my hoodie and under a custom tailored suit.  The SHS Classic was inconspicuous in both and made me feel bad ass.  The important thing was, the holster bag didn't add extra bulk under my arms and my jeans and suit maintained their lines better than ever, since I didn't have to carry anything in my pockets.

Click the picture or here for more product info on the Koffski SHS Classic

(photos courtesy of Koffski)

Overall, if I had to choose, a holster bag among the four different lines of Koffski bags (Koffski No. 1, Koffski No. 2, Koffski Slim and Koffski SHS Classic), I would choose the SHS Classic for sheer practicality and value. It is the most light weight, slim and flexible in storage of the three which makes it perfect for traveling.  For $310, you get a choice of two cases and the shoulder rig itself.

Check it out for your next travel, where ever 2016 may take you.

Live free.



Dennis Mok
Dennis Mok


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