What's the Difference between the Koffski No. 1 and Koffski No. 2?

by Support Staff

We get this question a lot.  They both look similar and are in fact the same dimensions but why does one cost more than the other?

Well, in addition the different colour assortments, the difference is in the details.

The differences between the Koffski No. 1 and No. 2 are as follows:

1. The No. 1 has a finished cut on the edges versus a rough cut on the edges with No. 2
2. The No. 1 features a stitched Koffski logo versus a branded logo
3. The No. 1 has a water repellent and colour fast finish 
4. The No. 1 has polished nickel hardware for its shoulder holster versus rough nickel finish for the No. 2
The dimensions of the Koffski No.1 and Koffski No.2 are the same and they can easily fit an iPhone and keys together.  Quality leather also stretches over time. 
So what do the sets include?
Both sets come with the bag itself, a wallet and the V-piece that attaches the bag to your choice of accessory - either a shoulder rig, a shoulder strap or a belt.
Let us know which you prefer and what you think!

Support Staff
Support Staff


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